56 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing”

  1. It’s good information about Affiliate Marketing, but If u provide full walkthrough of any good platform it will be better for understanding and working. Please make a vidoe on Partnerstack platform for working as a affiliate with companies.

  2. Today I completed my Amazon Affiliate course. I am so happy to be a part of skillspanda network. Thank you sir Huzaifa Ali and skillspanda team for providing this platform to all of us.

  3. AoA you gave very informative informations for biggeners
    but… all these informations are already on every video of youtube…
    whats new in this course??????
    i think this course contain copy paste information not exact way of teaching to work……

  4. I am already taking classes somewhere else, however, the information and course outline are much better here. I think our research is most important for anything we like to start. Thanks

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